Honor Walk

In 2016, The Rotary Club of Barnesville hosted the first Honor Walk for first responders in Barnesville and Lamar County. There is no other event or project in our community that recognizes our first responders. We invite all first responders, Rotarians, and community members to participate in the Honor Walk, which is in downtown Barnesville. Afterwards, we treat everyone to lunch and a short program to honor our first responders. In addition to the Honor Walk, we provide red ribbon bows to businesses and residences to display in honor of our first responders. At the end of the year, this first time event was the top rated service project by our Rotarians.

On November 14, 2017, we honored the more than 200 first responders in Lamar County. Over 100 individuals attended our Honor Walk. We had over 40 Rotarians attend and over $1,500 items donated to the honor walk. Over 50 merchants placed bows on their doors in support of the walk and first responders.

We plan on honoring our first responders again in November 2018.